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We value our patients' experience at Baker Family Chiropractic Centers. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Brian Herline


"I had lower back pain for over 10 years and had been treated by my MD and three different chiropractors.  I finally had some hope here at Baker Family Chiropractic Center.  During the corrective phase of care at BFCC my lower back pain diminished and finally disappeared entirely.  My strength and flexibility returned and my demeanor changed.  I strongly encourage anyone with lower back pain to see Dr. Baker; it can change your life."


-           Chuck H.


"I had a long history of neck and upper back pain and didn't know if chiropractic could help me.  When I finally decided to give it a try, I was told that my condition was chronic and it would not be fixed overnight.  I was committed to getting well and slowly the pain in my neck and shoulders started to go away.  I couldn't believe it! Thanks Baker Family Chiropractic, now I can enjoy camping and traveling!"


-           Ken B.


"When I first decided to try chiropractic care at Baker Family Chiropractic Center I was in constant pain.  I was living on pain pills and my body could not take that anymore.  My pain had been with me for months and after just a few weeks I was walking around pain free with no more pills. Thank you guys so much."


-           Ron E.


"I was having headaches on a daily basis and occasional lower back pain, and had never tried chiropractic before.  I went through a windshield of a motor home at the age of two, lucky to survive but my spine was in bad shape.  As I grew up my problems kept progressing and symptoms got worse.  I was always sick and in pain.  Chiropractic has me feeling healthy and living pain free again.  It is nice to not have headaches anymore!!!  Thanks Baker Family Chiropractic Center."


-           April H.


"I was having a lot of numbness and tingling in my hand and was scheduled to have carpal tunnel surgery.  My daughter sent me to Dr. Baker first to see if he could help.  X-rays of my spine showed problems in my neck that were actually the cause of the numbness in my hand.  After starting care the numbness is 100% better and I was able to cancel my surgery, which probably wouldn't have helped anyway.  Thank you Dr. Baker!!"


-           Ingrid B.




"I have had severe problems with my neck and lower back for years.  If it weren't for the care I have received at Baker Family Chiropractic Center I would not be able to be as active as I am today.  My wife and I both benefit from care.  We enjoy camping in pretty primitive conditions and I am able to keep up with all the work involved.  There are four children and fourteen grandchildren who like to keep me busy with woodcutting, hiking, biking, and fishing.  I enjoy all of these things thanks to regular chiropractic care."


-           Jewel and Loyde


"I had scoliosis as a child and had seven vertebrae fused in my spine.  As I got older I started experiencing horrible neck and back pain which was progressively getting worse.  Baker Family Chiropractic Center was the only place that gave me any hope.  My pain was easing as I started to get adjusted and I was no longer taking all of the pain medications as before.  Now I feel like a new person, my entire body functions well and I don't have any pain. Everyone should give chiropractic a try; it works for me and my entire family."


-           Shelly H.


"I have had horrible menstrual cycle pain as long as I can remember.  Every month I would not be able to get out of bed for a few days and even when I could get out of bed I did not feel well.  I was unaware that chiropractic could help with this condition but since I started getting adjusted I have not had any more problems.  Dr. Baker explained that I had a pinched nerve in my low back, and that nerve was the one that went to my uterus and ovaries.  I am so glad I don't have to experience the horrible pain any more. 

Thanks Dr.


-           Danyel B.


"I was always sick and living off of allergy and sinus medications.  These medications caused headaches as a side effect so then I had to take different medications for those.  I was skeptical about chiropractic but finally I was convinced to give it a try.  I was amazed at how well my body could actually feel.  I no longer take any medication and I have a lot more energy than I used to.  I refer all of my family and friends to Baker Family Chiropractic so they can have the same great experience that I had."


-           Lisa C.


"My name is James.  I am 10 years old and was taking a ton of medication for my asthma and allergies.  I could not play outside with my friends without using my inhaler.  I used to take Alavert, Advair, and Aleve, among other things.  After being adjusted for about 1 month I am completely off of all medication.  I was the fastest runner in the mile in my class during P.E., and I can play all I want without any inhalers.  I am enjoying life a lot more now and my mom is really happy as well.  Thanks Baker Family!


-           James M. 


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